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WE are closed for the summer to relocate our groovy shop to a bigger place!

Thank you for allowing us to not answer the phone or be in any contact with you until Sept! 2017

www.organichairshop.com domain is for sale

Because of this, our website will be down June 6! Keep Smiling Fans, Something Better is coming for you! XO 

For Investment Opportunities please contact Audrey by phone (905) 616-7539

Enjoy a Non-Chemical Fragrance free environment!
Safe for You,Your Stylist and Most importantly 
for the Earth!

The Organic Hair Shop is Oakville's first natural boutique style hair salon on its way to Eco Bliss! Enjoy hairstyling products and services that won't release fumes. 

In order to experience this natural salon, clients are asked to come without fragrance as they can be toxic to others and change the chemistry of the room.

The materials that were used to create The Organic Hair Shop came from recycled sources and the recycled salon equipment fits well with the eco bliss atmosphere. 

Experience the difference! One on One service with custom designed haircuts that fit your personality!

Feel Good about going to a Hair Salon where they compost your hair, recycle foil and materials that can be recycled!
We also "Flick Off" the lights mid-day to conserve energy and the Environment! 

Love Animals? The Organic Colour Systems hair colour used in this salon are vegan, natural ingredients and  certified organic ingredients! 

The Organic Hair Shop uses certified organ, natural and vegan ingredients that are imported from the U.K.  The skin care products, makeup and treatments are Canadian and certified Organic and Vegan!

 The Organic Hair Shop is the first salon that offers a 100% ammonia free, coconut oil based organic hair colour in Oakville! The Colour System provides the lowest pH during processing and has the lowest PPD in their formula! 

The most important technique this natural salon offers is the Wet Stretch Test! A timeless discovery tool that allows the stylist to determine where to start the hair colour process by testing for lack there of protein or moisture!

Come and experience the difference of this Organic Colour Systems Concept Salon!