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I would only use

products that are

safe for You,

the Earth

and Myself!",

xoxo Audrey

Audrey then discovered a new product that is Eco friendly, ECOCERT, VEGAN, and ORGANIC!​

This product is going to change the minds and the future clients wishing to live a healthier lifestyle.

​This product is a safer option for women who are expecting a new child.​ ( PDF Ingredient List available for your doctor upon request)

This product is safe for most people who
suffer from asthma, irritation on scalp, eczema, hair loss, thyroid problems, infertility and fragrance sensitivities and fear of reactions.​ (Consult your Doctor with our ingredients pdf we can share)

This product has a pleasant mild non toxic-fragrance that promotes a healthier breath of fresh air.

Dreams do come true if you ask for them!​

Join Audrey and take one step closer to a healthier lifestyle and follow her into the next biggest phenomenon of organic hair care services.

Audrey Proudly imports Organic Colour Systems Hair colour exclusively into her tool box along with a full range of care and styling products for completion!

Our Mission is to feature a salon with the best non-toxic options for You, the Stylists and the Earth!

​Thank You for choosing your Health, the Earth and 
​The Organic Hair Shop Oakville
Oakville Ontario is excited to have their first organic hair salon that is true to keeping a toxic free environment!
This unique Salon is operated by Owner Audrey Banavage, who has created an intimate boutique style eco-chic blissful environment for those who enjoy living their lives vibrantly!

Years ago, Audrey was forced to leave the hair salon business and loyal clients due to the harsh reactions from salon chemicals. Her Asthma and Allergies were dominating her Career as a Professional stylist! Looking at this crushed dream as a blessing, she then found a better choice. She packed her bags and explored working on Cruise Ships and on Resorts in Tropical Countries. Audrey began a new Career as Cabaret singer and Show Entertainer.

​After she finished her entertainment career, she decided to explore more options to enhance her goals in remaining healthy and practicing more "good feeling"options that would allow more room for her creative expansion. Audrey needed to find ways of working in a chemical free environment! Through Her experiences, she became a certified Reiki Master, learned Axiatonal Alignment Therapy, trained with hypnotherapists learning N.L.P and volunteered to assist healing meditation practitioners. Audrey studied the career of Barbers in Miami, Cuba and in the G.T.A .  After moving back to Canada she then specialized in men’s hairstyling, and barbering in an upscale Mens Hair Salon along with weekend Wedding Contracts.

​Today she is on her new journey to continue her dream in creating an atmosphere that is chemical free.  It is important that all  hair colour, skincare, makeup and hair care products are free from fumes, toxins, parabens, toxic-perfumes and animal cruelty. Breathing fresh air in the salon is a priority.

Certified Organic Master Hairstylist Audrey Banavage