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Which Hair Salon is right for you?

Finding the right salon in Oakville can be a trying and disappointing experience. Organic Hair Shop can prove to be the right choice for you, offering you an all natural salon experience that suits your needs!

​Specializing in products and treatments that are natural, Organic Hair Shop caters to the needs of:

Persons with allergies - Salon products can have adverse effects on a persons allergies or those with sensitive skin. At the Organic Hair Shop all of our products are free of irritation, fumes and perfumes, sulphates, ammonia and formaldehyde.

Vegan lifestyle - At the Organic Hair Salon we support your vegan lifestyle! Offering a salon line up that is vegan appropriate, our products include NO animal-derived ingredients and involve NO animal testing.

Healthy living - Utilizing non-toxic ingredients in our products, you will never have to stain your hair or skin with harmful salon chemicals.

Eco-friendly - Organic is the name of the game. That means we recycle just about everything, including our salon equipment and the materials used to create the Organic Hair Shop. We are all about eco-bliss from the ground up!

​Boasting an extensive line of organic hair and skin care products to fit your every need, let The Organic Hair Shop be your final stop in the search for salon perfection.