"My haircut has had rave reviews! Everyone loves it and your name has been mentioned thousands of times!!!!

Thought you might wanted to know!"


Thank you Audrey for providing such a valuable service.  It is so difficult to find hair products that are safe to use while pregnant and for people with skin sensitivities.

I was very concerned about what do with my hair when I found out I was pregnant and so happy that I was introduced to your salon.

I feel so happy knowing I am doing the best I can in protecting my daughter from the harmful chemicals found in other hair products and salons.  Audrey gives me peace of mind with her line of Organic products that are not only safe me and my baby but also for our environment.

Thank you Audrey you are the best! :)


Hi Audrey,

"I am very happy to have found the Organic Hair Salon in Oakville, after a long search for someone using only organic hair products.

It's nice to know that quality hair care is always available to me, thanks to Audrey!  Aeran, Oakville"

Wish you all the best and success!

Good luck!!!