PPD para-phenylenediamine, PTD paratoluenediamine
- are aniline dyes that are used in haircolor. Known to cause allergic reactions to the skin, eye and bronchial irritations.

PETA - people for the ethical treatment of animals-cruelty free and vegan.

Vegan - is to consume and use food and products that are not made from animals. Some people choose to be vegan to help save the planet;)

Organic - grown in soil that is certified organic or once-living organism, is composted of organic compound and approved by the USDA; non-toxic, not drugged or enhanced in any artificial form.
Ammonia - used as an explosive in fireworks. damages the amino acid  or protein called Tetrosine found inside the hair shaft. its odor causes fatigue upon inhalation. Skin or eye irritation. with coughing.

Parabens-parahydroxybezoic acids - a chemical commonly found in the hair & beauty products. parabens can mimic the hormones estrogen, which us known to play a role in the development of breast cancer.

Resorcinol - found in hair color and is a skin irritant toxic to immune system. Researchers in the United Kingdom found it to be linked to cancer.

Formaldehyde - a flammable strong smelling chemical used in building materials and hair color and in straightening solutions. symptoms include wheezing, coughing, nausea, and skin irritation.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfates - A Foaming agent designed to rinse out causing fading in haircolor. causes irritation, and respiratory reaction if in hailed.

Perfume, fragrance - an anaphylactic shock symptom for some if in hailed. a toxic smell causing headache, migraine, wheezing, itching, asthma and long term allergies.
    Ingredients we leave out

We have the lowest percentage of  PPD and PTD'S in all the professional lines 
Women who are pregnant after their first trimester choose to get their hair coloured with our organic hair colour service because they know that it is as natural as a professional line can be!  We do recommend consulting your physician prior to visiting and request from us a PDF of the ingredients to give to your doctor.

Cancer survivors are choosing the healthier path by choosing a greener hair colour line. Six months after treatment is the required by manufacturers instructions direct from Organci Colour systems UK. Please request a PDF-Ingredients list.

Hair Colour that is a Breath of Fresh air!

no fumes!

no irritation!
no itching!
no formaldehyde!
no ammonia!
no Resorcinol!
no sulphates
no perfume!
no animal testing!

Feel Good to know that your hair will be composted, and your hair colour and hair products are the cleanest certified organics above other products that are non-water soluble.
If there is a product that is out there that is cleaner, we are searching for it constantly as the universe continues to grow.
Why choose organic hair color?

Remember to secure your place on the Earth

by securing yourself first!

You recycle your house hold items,
You do your laundry after 7pm to conserve energy,
You ride your bicycle to work and take public transit,
You water the grass after dusk,
You compost,
You feed your body healthy organic foods.
You choose natural remedies instead of using medicine,
You use cloth diapers for your children,
You bring a reusable water bottle to your workout,
You use solar power or lighting,
You remember to save your old clothes to donate to the shelters,
You practice your best method of daily eco concious routines because you care about the Earth...

Have you ever thought about what you are putting into your hair?

What about how it is absorbing directly into your immune system?

The Organic Hair Shop is committed to providing hair salon services that are good for you and the Earth!

Why go green?